Raw Material


#Cloudblending allows raw material producers to sell their products to an unlimited number of recipes, and thereby increase their value with any food brand worldwide.

Sell more with #Cloudblending

The #Cloudblending community is a global network of senior experts which grows every day. Once you validate your product with Blendhub, you will access a unique global marketplace.


Your product will be available for direct use in any recipe containing your raw material anywhere in the world, offering you the highest value.

You will promote your products directly to all Food Producers, Food Designers and Food Brands within the #Cloudblending community and through social media campaigns.

Sell better with #Cloudblending

Understand the functionalities of your product in specific applications which can increase your margins.

Brand and position your products for the best application and with special claims like Clean Label, Natural, Healthy, Locally Produced.

Get direct access to thousands of freelance formulators ready to test your products in their recipes.

Benefit from Blendhub’s expertise in Data Analytics to identify the best opportunities and locations for doing business.

Validate and qualify your products in general or for specific recipes with Blendhub’s novel, cloud-based quality assurance system.

Want your raw material
validated in any food recipe worldwide?