Our History


Our origin can be seen from the founding of Premium Ingredients in 1997 by Henrik Stamm Kristensen, a Dane based in Spain with a lifelong experience in the agri-food sector. Today, the company combines the native transparency and confidence of Denmark with Latin character and agility.

His interest in the development of a transparent offering to food producers of a complete service, above and beyond formulation and blending of the corresponding raw material powders, led in 2017 to the launch of an inclusive and relational business model that both impacts the final product price and facilitates ongoing innovation and improvements: We called it #Cloudblending.

Our Founder


Henrik Stamm Kristensen was born in Denmark, in 1964. He has always been passionate about the way food sector works and evolves. His innovative character and fascination with technology have allowed him to continuously challenge the status quo, in order to make a significant contribution to make food available to more people in more places. His vast experience has been recognised through several public awards.

Our Team


Management Team

Raúl Fernandez

Raúl Fernández Guillamón

Chief Operating Officer

Peleg Chevion

Peleg Chevion

Chief Commercial Officer

Antonio Martín Alonso copia

Antonio Martín Alonso

Chief Information Officer

Jose Miguel Carretero

José Miguel Carretero Merelo

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Ralf Neuendorf copia

Ralf Neuendorf

Global Customer Support Director

Olga enrich

Olga Enrich Majó

General Counsel

Mara Martínez

Mara Martínez Lopez

Engineering Manager

Beatriz Carrasco

Beatriz Carrasco Gómez

Chemometrics & Analytics Director

Olivier Navello

Olivier Navello

Global Validation & Design Director

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Clara Hermoso

Clara Hermoso Sánchez

Open Innovation Formulation Manager

Ravi Menon

Ravi Menon

India Hub Managing Director

Eduardo Aldasoro

Eduardo Aldasoro Said

Mexico Hub Managing Director

Harvey Eduardo Castañeda

Harvey Castañeda Pardo

Colombia Hub Managing Director

Advisory Board


Inmaculada Illán Gil de Vergara

Inmaculada Illán Gil de Vergara

Executive Advisor

Hans Henrik Hjorth

Hans Hjorth

Executive Advisor

Juan Antonio Garcia

Juan Antonio García Guerrero

Executive Advisor

Peter J.L. Jaggy

Peter J.L. Jaggy

Executive Advisor

Our Identity

At Blendhub, we recognise that our Identity is what makes us different from others – and is the ultimate reason why many different stakeholders decide to collaborate with us.

We believe in building a solid reputation through facts and not empty words, and that Identity is about being coherent and closing the potential gaps between the way we are, what we do, and what we say.


Because we want to reach a reliable result.


Because we want to grow and share our growth.


Because there is always a better way to do things.


Because it is the basis for constructing solid long term relationships with our stakeholders.


Because we know we can make a difference.

Social and Environmental Impact


Sustainability and positive social impact can only be ensured through the collaboration between value-aligned businesses, and the proximity to the consumer.

We bring farmers, raw material producers, food producers, distribution chains and final consumers closer together so we can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels significantly, all over the world, with immediate effect.

At Blendhub we are committed to lead the change in the agri-food value chain by deploying a global, decentralised food manufacturing network located in the best possible places to decrease the prices of final products. Blendhub is located in-between farmers, raw material producers, food brands, logistics, and as close as possible to the end consumer.

Our business model allows the food industry to advance and prosper anywhere in the world and to reduce its carbon footprint by bringing local people and resources closer together. This is what drives us at Blendhub towards our ultimate purpose: to feed the global population, leaving hunger behind.

At Blendhub we are committed to lead a change in the agri-food value chain by deploying a global decentralised food manufacturing network located in the best possible places for decreasing the prices of the final food products. Blendhub is located in-between farmers and raw material producers upstream and food brands, logistics and as close as possible to the end consumer downstream.

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